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Wonder Woman 2017

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Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman Full Movie

Country: United States
Year: 2017
Category: Action, Adventure, Fantasy
Release Date: 2 June, 2017
Director: Patty Jenkins
Starring: Gal Gadot, David Thewlis, Robin Wright
Age Restriction: 18 years
Duration: 141 minutes
Budget: $120,000,000

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“Wonder Woman”, On June 1, Wonder Woman Last week Calm down, we know that as soon as you read this headline all your alarms have been triggered without any control. But we are not referring to the actress Gal Gadot going to become a mom for the third time, and less after giving birth to her second child only a few months ago. But what we are certain is that this question was exclaimed by most of his crew when the news of his pregnancy came to light, and is that the already known as Wonder Woman proposed (and much) to convert The good news in secret and keep it under lock and key.

According to statements that the actress facilitated a popular medium, from the beginning, Gadot never wanted his companions to know the news, since the last of their desires would be that they treat it in a special and different way, not letting it explode at Maximum the talent that already has us accustomed. Far from it, being pregnant of five months, Wonder Woman even recorded complicated and hard scenes of action that required of agile movimintos, efforts and long periods in foot, something that would have cost us a triumph. (more…)

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